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Major car, van, truck, SUV and 4x4 manufacturers supply the motor trade with specialist car maintenance manuals and car repair manuals on Disk (CD ROM) for their range of vehicles.

All advertised car Repair Manuals, truck Repair Manuals, SUV Repair Manuals and 4x4 Repair Manuals are in stock.

Orders which are received by mid day (UK time) are shipped the same day (from the UK) via first class post and customers typically receive them within 24 to 48 hours of posting. Orders for Europe and the USA are always sent via first class air mail and are usually received within 5 to 7 working days. Orders to Australia, New Zealand and the Far East are usually received within 6 to 8 working days.

Whether you are a main agent, a car mechanic or a car enthusiast, these car Repair Manual CDs contain vital information for anyone who works on or has an interest in the cars shown below, and much of this information is often unavailable elsewhere.

However; only MG Rover Workshop Manuals will be available until the relevant permissions have been granted.

MG Car Repair Manuals

MG Service Manuals


MGF Car Repair Manuals - MGF Service Manuals


MGTF Car Repair Manuals (MG TF Service Manuals)


MG ZR Repair Manuals (MG ZR Service Manuals)

MG ZS Repair Manuals (MG ZS Service Manuals)

MG TF Repair Manuals (MGTF Service Manuals)

MG ZT & MG ZTT Repair Manuals (MG ZT & MG ZTT Service Manuals)

Rover Repair Manuals

Rover Service Manuals


Rover 25 Repair Manuals (Rover 25 Service Manuals)

Rover 45 Repair Manuals (Rover 45 Service Manuals)

Rover 75 Car Repair Manuals and Rover 75 Service Manuals


City Rover Car Repair Manuals


Rover 100 Repair Service Manuals

Rover 200 Repair Service Manuals

Rover 400 Repair Service Manuals

Rover 600 Repair Service Manuals

Rover 800 Repair Service Manuals


Rover Cabriolet Repair Service Manuals

Rover Coupe Repair Service Manuals

Rover Mini Repair Service Manuals

Rover Tourer Repair Service Manuals

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